Our products

Stamp and forming tools
Eastern Dies Service SRL specializes in the design and execution of stamp and forming tools. The destinations of the tools are the automobile and house hold appliance industries. Types of tools: progressive dies, transfer dies, manual dies, etc.

Prototypes and small series
Upon request, Eastern Dies Service SRLoffers the development and design of prototypes and, in addition to that, we also provide execution as one of a kind products or small series.

Production devices, jigs
Eastern Dies Service SRL has the capacity to develop and execute various production devices.

Checking fixtures
Our clients may request for control mock-ups in order to verify the quality of manufactured parts.

Industrial installations and equipment
We execute and mount industrial installations and equipment

Tryout, adjustment of the dies
This is the start-up activity of the company Eastern Dies Service Srl. We have an ample tool and die makers data base with experience gained from the greatest automobile manufacturers. Our staff has expertise with internal and external bodywork parts. They handle maintenance, new constructions, adjustment, try-outs, fittings, spotting, production of pre-series, changes, etc.